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One thing that you cannot escape seeing while in Cuba is what I refer to as Revolutionary Art. There are many billboards and signs extolling the virtues of the revolution or other aspects of the Cuban system of government. It does strike one as somewhat odd that there is very litle commercial advertising (there is some however) but that advertising is used to promote the revolution. There is also subtle humor as shown in the cartoon at the top right. I find them fun to look and laugh at.
Clockwise from bottom right.....
Dignos y Soberanos, Viva la Revolucion -- Worthy and Soverign Lives the Revolution.
Viva La Revolucion -- The Revolution Lives (perhaps the most common sign in Cuba)
Revolucion Anõ 2000 -- Year 2000 Revolution
Devuelvan a Elian a la Patria -- Give Elian Back to the Mother Country. (very popular sign during the Elian Gonsalves situation of the little boy in Florida)
The Cuba Libre  (Free Cuba) is a very popular drink in Cuba. Basically a Rum and Coke.
However the cartoon sign is a recipe for a Cuba Libre with Uncle Sam running away saying "Yo Soy Abstemio" - I am a Teetotaler.
The Ingredients are.....
Una Revolucion Verdadera -- A True Revolution
Un Pueblo que La Defiende -- A Town that Defends it.
Un Partido Unico -- A One Party System
Un Lider Historico -- A Little History