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Havanas' Plaza de la Revolución is dominated by the José Marti tower and monument. The tower is Havanas' tallest structure at 109 metres and sits atop a 30 meter base that spans the width of the plaza. It acts as a giant reviewing stand and podium from which Fidels' famous speaches are made.
The soaring edifice is constructed entirely of grey marble quarried from Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth). At its base is a huge granite statue of the National Hero sitting in a contemplative pose. The construction of the complex is said to have cost every citizen of Cuba one centavo. There is a viewing gallery at the top providing a 360-degree aerial view of Havana.
The Cuban Flag flown prominently throughout the country was first flown in 1850. It combines three colors, red, blue and white. The three blue stripes stand for the three departments in which the Island was divided into. The two white stripes represent the power of independence ideals. The red triangle represents equality, fraternity, freedom and the blood shed during the independence struggle. The lone white star symbolizes absolute freedom among peoples.