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No visit to Havana is complete without taking in one of the famous Vegas-style cabaret shows at a local nightclub. The two most famous shows are the Tropicana Nightclub or the Parisien Cabaret in the Hotel Nacional, one of the best night-clubs in Havana.
These photos are from the Parisien Cabaret, a show I have seen several times. The two-hour extravaganza features music, costumes, dancing and a celebration of Cuban cultural history. Tickets can range from $25 to $50 CUC depending on where you arrange your tickets. The cheapest seems to be to make direct arrangements and bookings through the front desk at the Hotel Nacional.
While I have every intention of catching the Tropicana Show on one of my trips, it should be noted that the Tropicana can be rained out on occasion as it is an outdoor venue. The Parisien Cabaret is indoors and guaranteed to run. If you are on a tight travel timetable, you should keep this in mind.