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The most important plaza in Habana Vieja and also the oldest is Plaza de Armas. Originally laid out in 1519, this cobbled square is at the seaward end of Calles Obispo and O'Reilly opening onto Avenida del Puerto to the east. Plaza de Armas was the early focus of the settlement and later became its administrative centre. Visitors should get on their hands and knees and note the construction of the cobbles on Calle Oficios on the western edge of the Plaza. The cobbles are actually individual wooden blocks laid to form the pavement. Truly unique.
Today, Plaza de Armas is a lively gathering place and this is especially true on Sunday's when during the day the plaza hosts a secondhand book fair and in the late afternoon and evening, musical concerts. At the center of the square is a statue of Manuel de Céspedes, hero of the Ten Years' War. On the benches and pathways of the square, and under the shade of towering trees, you will always see local Cubanos out for a Sunday stroll, such as this lovely child.